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VanAusdale Image Center Studio & Professional Portrait Lab was born out of a desire to understand how our own personal wedding pictures could turn out so poorly that they could not be salvaged. My husband, Steve, decided to make his college major Art, with an emphasis in photography. He soon discovered that a simple error on the part of our photographer had made our once in a lifetime wedding memories (that will forever live in our hearts but never in an album or hang on our wall), go so terribly wrong . Steve went on to understand not only the artistic part of photography but the technical part as well. As our portrait business grew along with our beautiful family, Steve decided to bring me along as his assistant. It turns out, partly because of my earlier career as an accomplished and successful hair stylist, along with my sense of style and balance as well as my genuine love of people, I became an asset to our business. When the time came for Steve to make the leap over to the corporate world, we wanted to keep serving our many portrait clients. That is when Steve decided that I would be perfect to replace him, convincing me the only thing I was not doing at that point, was "pushing the shutter button". With a deep breath, I decided to jump in with two feet and our portrait/lab business officially transitioned to me (MaryLou) and I became the head of operations as well as lead design director.

We had gone from a home studio, to a brick and mortar storefront, back to a home studio and back again to a brick and mortar storefront. For a few years, we operated out of Napoleon as well as our Defiance location. Since the photography business is constantly morphing along with technology, we have become so much more than a photography studio. You can now see us operating as a professional portrait lab, a sign shop, a specialty apparel store, as well as a digital design studio, complete with professional, believable photo restoration and classic personalized gift items.

To fully utilize our 5000 square foot building at 1431 Scott St, Napoleon, Ohio, we have also added service items such as tanning services, tuxedo rental and a full service hair salon.

With the wide array of gift, portrait (Senior, Family, Wedding, Children, Sports, Commercial) and service items available at VanAusdale Image Center, we invite you to contact us at 419-599-5114. We would be honored to make your memories last for generations to come. img{max-width:none!important;background:none!important;}